Construction Planning

Building Marion County

The construction industry is vibrant in Marion County. Construction is underway in multiple industry clusters and includes: 

1) the construction of industrial, commercial, and residential buildings;
2) road, highway, and other “infrastructure” construction; and
3) specialty trades. 

Construction accounts for a sizable portion of our local and state economy. Marion County has experienced almost $500 million of new construction in the past five years.

Marion County has a number of construction companies that provide a variety of services including planning, financing, design, management and administration, repairs and maintenance, and demolition.

About the Companies

Hilpp Construction Inc.

Since 1981, Hilpp Construction Inc. has worked on commercial, industrial, and office buildings in Central Kentucky. Hilpp Construction designs and builds to provide clients with low maintenance and low energy costs. They specialize in building structural steel, pre-engineered, and wood industrial buildings.

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Isaac Tatum Construction

Isaac Tatum Construction (ITC) has been in operation in Lebanon since 1976. Originally focused on residential construction, ITC has gradually expanded to work on commercial projects such as healthcare facilities, professional office spaces, educational renovations, and industrial projects. ITC works throughout Kentucky but takes pride in working in owner Isaac Tatum’s hometown of Lebanon.