Extraction & Mining

Building from the Ground Up

Marion County’s diverse economic and employment base includes mining and extraction. These operations include mining equipment construction, assembly, and repair, metal fabrication, quarries, and construction companies.

Marion County’s industries provide essential equipment, systems, and solutions used by companies worldwide to extract fundamental minerals for developing modern infrastructure, technology and consumer products.

So, whether you need construction from bare earth to a finished paved surface, spreading crushed stone, or deep mining, Marion County industries can meet your needs.

About the Companies

Haydon Material Lebanon

Haydon Materials has owned a quarry in Lebanon since 1989 among several other locations in the area. The Bardstown, Kentucky-based company specializes in bituminous asphalt production, lay down, and crushed limestone.

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Komatsu Mining Corp.

In 2005, Komatsu Mining, previously Joy Mining Machinery, purchased $750,000 of land and an 88,000-square-foot facility that turned into a $7.1 million investment. Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Komatsu Mining provides equipment and systems to extract minerals used by companies globally.

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