Healthy Communities are a Priority in Kentucky

Our healthcare is important to our communities - and our partnerships with providers, caregivers, and institutions ensure that our health remains a priority. With top-notch facilities and access to world-renowned procedures, residents here enjoy a lifestyle that rivals much larger communities.

Our Partners

Our local healthcare experts provide the care and compassion that our friends and families rely on daily. From surgical, rehabilitative, long-term, and skilled nursing care, Marion County enjoys high-quality care from professionals here in our back yard.

About the Companies

Spring View Hospital

Spring View Hospital has been an integral part of the community since 1944. In 1994, they completed a $300,000 renovation of their nursing home and expanded to add on 30-50%. In 2003, LifePoint Hospitals, Inc. bought Spring View Hospital for $15.5 million. The hospital is a 75-bed facility offering a full range of services with state-of-the-art technology. They serve a population of over 55,000.

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Family Internal & Medicine Associates (FIMA)

Family Internal & Medicine Associates (FIMA) is a group practice located only in Lebanon. FIMA specializes in Family Medicine and Internal Medicine with 10 physicians.