Hospitality & Tourism

Welcome to Marion County, Kentucky

Come see why we are... The Heart of Kentucky

Our welcoming smiles, warm hospitality, and generous nature will quickly endear you to the great friends here in Marion County. We're small enough to feel comfortable and large enough to be exciting. Our communities attract thousands of visitors annually and we look forward to welcoming you soon!

What to Expect in Marion County

Tourism has become an important industry sector in Marion County that has impacted the development of our local economy. The success of our tourism has expanded our tax base, grown our population, and created a number of employment opportunities.

In addition to growing our local economy, tourism has helped us preserve and share our cultural and historical heritage and assets. Our residents have proudly maintained their traditions and culture, while also showcasing it for all the visitors.

Our rural tourism takes place in our countryside as well as in our small towns and county seat in Lebanon. We encourage visitors to travel to our small towns and rural countryside to see our attractions and rich local resources. You experience close personal contact with our residents and the hospitality and generosity that is unique to Marion County. You will find no other place like it.

In Marion County, our rural cultural tourism takes place in our natural areas and forms part of the experience that is Marion County. It is ecotourism, bourbon and spirits tourism, community-based tourism, agro-tourism, culinary tourism, adventure tourism, volunteer tourism, back-packing tourism, as well as outdoor tourism activities; which are inclusive of ATV trail riding, horse riding, biking, sightseeing and water-based activities.

You will not find better accommodations, from AirBnBs to hotels, a more warm hospitality, farm to table restaurants, leisure facilities, attractions and events in one county. Our offerings include: 

  • Bourbon and Barrel - Distilleries, Wineries and Cooperages
  • War History Sites & Markers
  • Important Areas of Religious History
  • Historic Downtown & Homes
  • Public Parks and Facilities
  • Annual Special Events & Festivals