Technical advances from the heartland

Our history in the automotive industry goes back almost 60 years and covers practically every major manufacturer on the planet. Here in Marion County, we build discrete parts, components, and elements needed to build commercial and consumer vehicles that help our national economy function. From the smallest of plastic parts to the largest suspension systems, Marion County helps build cars and trucks that move us forward.

Why Build in Marion County?

Our wonderful skilled workforce, location and proximity to assembly plants, and our tremendous infrastructure make Marion County an ideal location for automotive manufacturing and fabrication.


We have a strong, trained, local, and prepared workforce focused on delivering quality.


Our location and transportation options make us a unique option for supply chains and delivery points.

Award Winning

Named “Best Places in Kentucky for Auto Parts Suppliers” (Southern Business & Development 2017)

Corporations from around the globe have chosen to make Marion County their destination of choice for specific reasons – beyond just workforce and location. Quality of life for employees, access to education, healthcare, and residential real estate are as essential as tax structures, business-friendly regulations and policies, and utility costs. When combined, these factors create an environment where the automotive industry simply thrives…  here, in the Heart of Kentucky.