Amber Waves of Grain Begin Here

Our history of agricultural production is legendary.

When you think about the Marion County, Kentucky, agricultural productivity is as important as it gets. Grains, livestock, produce, and more come from family-run farms. Hundreds of thousands of pounds of chicken, beef, and pork originate from our local livestock herds.

Products from Marion County

Our farms produce grains, fruits, vegetables, poultry, beef, pork and dairy in abundance. As of 2017, agricultural production within Marion County had a total market value over over $60 million. With such production, we typically rank in the top 10-20% of total sales within the State of Kentucky.

Legacy Farms

Some of our farms have been operated by the same family for several generations.

Land Use Practices

Our farmers conserve over 1/3 of acreage with no-till or reduced impact practices.