Marion County Attorney's Office

Marion County Attorney’s Office
Position:Victim Advocate/VOCA Project Manager
Lebanon, KY United States of America
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Victim Advocate/Voca Project Manager Job Duties:

The Victim Advocate/VOCA Project Manager will be responsible for managing the Marion County Victim Assistance Program. These duties include, but are not limited to, assisting victims of crime in Marion District Court and Juvenile Court through the Marion County Attorney’s Office. The Victim Advocate/VOCA Project Manager will function as a liaison between victims, prosecutors and the Court. Further duties include screening new cases and identifying victims in need of assistance as well as maintaining confidential statistical information and records on victims. The Victims Advocate will assess the victims needs and work with community partners to refer victims to resources as needed. The Victim Advocate/VOCA Project Manager will assist the victim with navigating the court system and attend court with the victim as needed or requested. The Victim Advocate/VOCA Project Manager will prepare and administer grants that support prosecutor based victim advocate programs and perform those duties necessary to ensure compliance with the crime victims bill of rights contained in KRS 421.500 to KRS 421.530. The Victim Advocate/VOCA Program Manager will complete documentation related to the appropriate intervention with crime victims, including victims of domestic violence, elder abuse, neglect and exploitation and other crimes against the elderly.

Applicants shall be a person who by a combination of education, professional qualification, training and experience is qualified to perform the duties of the position. The Victim Advocate shall be an individual at least eighteen (18) years of age of good moral character, with at least two (2) years of experience working in the human services field or court system in a position requiring professional contact with children or adults, who has:

Received a baccalaureate degree in social work, sociology, psychology, guidance and counseling, education, religion, criminal justice, or other human service field; or

*Received a high school diploma or equivalency certificate, and, in addition to the experience required in this subsection, has at least four (4) years’ experience working in the human services field (H.B. 315, for prosecutor based advocates only).

Job type: Full time

Salary:  $36,000.00

Experience: Work 4 years(Required)

Education: Bachelor’s

Benefits: Health Insurance, Retirement and State Holidays and Vacation

Pay Frequency: Twice Monthly

Schedule:  Monday-Friday

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