Kellwell Food Management

Kellwell Food Management
Lebanon, KY

Supervisor Cook Part-time
Weekends- Saturday and Sunday 3:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Job title of whom reporting to: Food Service Manager and/or Assistant Manager
Number of persons supervised: Varies with each facility

Essential functions are underlined.

Education Requirements : High School Diploma or equivalent helpful, but not mandatory. Must be able to demonstrate the use and understanding of Kellwell recipes, policies and procedures. Must be able to communicate to all personnel the minimum production and or service requirements.

Prior Experience Requirements: Sim months quantity food production experience in a commercial, military, or institutional setting. Correctional training helpful, but not mandatory.

Working Conditions: Duties are performed while sitting (5% of the time), walking (75% of the time), and standing (20% of the time). Must be able to lift 50 pounds from the floor to a counter that is a maximum of 36″ high. Operation of commercial food preparation and serving equipment. Supervision of inmate labor. Exposure to heat, humidity, steam, cooking odors and other kitchen related environments.

Job Summary: Working as a team member with one or more Cook Supervisors and or Food Service Manage. Gives hands on instructions and helps with the preparation and serving of meals, inmate supervision, sanitation, daily paperwork, and security needed to maintain daily Kellwell food service operations.

Leadership, Decision Making, Client Relations, Sanitation, production, security, administration and inmate relations.

Apply at the Lebanon/Marion County Career Center, 516 Workshop Lane, Lebanon, KY 40033 or email resume to

Job requirements

* Applicants preferred to have at least a High school diploma/GED or equivalent

Job recruitment information

* How to apply
Fill out an application at the Lebanon/Marion County Career Center, 516 Workshop Lane, Lebanon, KY 40033
Email resume toĀ 
Apply in person at the Lebanon/Marion County Career Center 516 Workshop Lane Lebanon, KY 40033

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