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Punch Press Operator








Job locations:
Lebanon, Marion, KY (40033)
Job description:
Punch Press Operator is responsible for running all machines pertaining to Punch Press Department

* Verify accuracy of set-up.
* Ensure ongoing consistency of parts being machined.
* Examine completed workpieces for defects.
* Start machines.
* Monitor machine operations.
* Cut material according to work orders.
* Conducted in-process inspections.
* Measured parts to ensure correct dimensions.

Fill out an application at the Lebanon/Marion County Career Center, 516 Workshop Lane, Lebanon, KY 40033

Or send resume to

Job requirements
* Applicants must have at least a High school diploma/GED or equivalent
* Applicants must be at least 18
* Applicant must Submit to post employment test for fitness and drug screen.
Job details
* Advanced manufacturing
Job salary and benefits
* Salary range  Hourly – 1st shift
* Normal working days: 10 hr shifts Monday – Thursday, Overtime Friday/Saturday (8hr shift)
* 40 hours per week
* The hours for this role are Full-time, Regular
* Paid holidays and Vacation/paid time off
* Retirement benefits include 401K
* Insurance benefits include Health
Job recruitment information
* How to apply
  Mail resume to 810 W. Main Street Lebanon, KY 40033
  Apply in person at KY Career Center in Lebanon 516 Workshop Lane Lebanon, KY 40033
  Applicant to complete company application Career Center staff to mail directly to plant.



To apply for this job please visit