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 JOB DESCRIPTION:  Program Aide/Activities

 ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Activities Director


 General—Must be in good health, including freedom from communicable diseases, including tuberculosis in the communicable form, according to acceptable screening methods.

Education/Experience—High school diploma or the equivalent or working on diploma or equivalency program.  Prior personal or work experience with the elderly is preferred.

Abilities—In addition to the responsibilities detailed in this job description, the Program Aide/Activities must be able to:

  1. Understand the needs of the elderly and, in particular, the needs of those with cognitive impairments (e.g.memory problems, confusion, disorientation);
  2. Be sensitive to the needs of family caregivers.
  3. Be available to work unscheduled days and hours.
  4. Make a commitment to cooperative performance to attain care, organization and program objectives that may entail performing duties not included in this job description.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Program Aide/Activities is responsible for assisting the Activities Director in the planning and implementation of all program activities and for assisting with meals, housekeeping, transport and clerical functions of the program.  Responsibilities include:

  1. Observation of each participant and immediately reporting any changes in their condition to Nursing Services Director.
  2. Under the supervision of the Activities Director, assisting in the planning and implementation of all program activities including:
  3. Reality orientation;
  4. Daily exercise to music;
  5. Active team games;
  6. Cognitively stimulating activities;
  7. Deliberately quieting/sedentary activities (e.g. table games);
  8. Arts & Crafts;
  9. Community entertainment;
  10. Pet therapy;
  11. Intergenerational programming;
  12. Motivational therapy;
  13. Reminiscent therapy;
  14. Horticultural therapy;
  15. Music therapy;
  16. Socially stimulating activities (e.g. parties & holiday celebrations);
  17. Life skill activities (cooking, workshops, etc.);
  18. Sensory stimulation;
  19. Opportunities for religious programs;
  20. Group outings.
  21. Assisting with meal service;
  22. Daily straightening of the Activities Areas and supply cabinets/areas;
  23. Clerical duties including copying and filing;
  24. Serving as transportation aide as necessary;
  25. Taking care to prevent the spread of infection;
  26. Assisting in emergencies as directed by Program Director.

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