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R. L. Schreiber

RL Schreiber
Lebanon, KY
Division/Department Production (Base and Spice)
Location RLS Manufacturing plants and Corporate Headquarters
Job Title Production Associate
Reports to Base/Production/Receiving Supervisor (Base or Spice)
Initial Pay Scale:
Based on current
competitive market.

Type of position:
Hours__40+/-___ / week
Not Allowed
Essential functions of the position are as follows:
− Assist in ingredient preparation and blending of products with standardized recipes
under strict quality controls
− Spice Production/package raw material into proper containers
− Coordinate supply of raw materials and packaging supplies to blending room
− Maintain excellent attendance record
− Insures “First Expired, First Out” raw material rotation using barcodes and lots
− Observes “Good Manufacturing Practices”
− Operate power equipment to move materials as needed
− Maintain assigned equipment in good working order
− Conduct daily sanitation of work areas
− Keep daily sanitation and maintenance of both quality & production logs
− Work independently to meet production requirements
− Report food safety issues promptly to Supervisor or QA personnel
− Basic experience with manufacturing, batch blending, and material handing practices.
− Able to lift up to 50 – 75 pounds.
− Climb stairs and/or ladders
− Fast-paced production capability
− Walk and stand on hard surfaces for extended periods of time
− Able to work in dusty or wet conditions
− Able to work in assorted temperatures from ambient to refrigerated
− High school diploma or equivalent
− Basic Math
− Communicate in English both orally and written
− Score minimum 90 on Bennett Mechanical
Apply by send resume to  or fill out an application at the Lebanon/Marion County Career Center, 516 Workshop Lane, Lebanon, KY 40033

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