Canton Wood Products Company

Canton Wood Products
Lebanon, KY United States America

Temp to hire

Grading Shed General Labor Job Description

  1. Must be able to lift up to 25lbs
    1. Stacking staves
    2. Grading (inspecting and ageing) staves
  2. Pushing and pulling of carts is required
    1. Carts will be full at time with numerous staves
  3. Twisting and turning
    1. Removing staves from a stacked pallet and placing them on a conveyor for stacking
    2. Removing staves from a conveyor and stacking them on a pallet
  4. Reaching overhead
    1. Arms will extend above employee’s head at times
    2. Weight will be less than 5lbs if overhead lifting is required.
  5. Standing for long periods of time is required
  6. Operation of a saw will be required.
    1. Feed saw to remove defects
    2. Catch off of the other end to stack OK staves back on cart for proper stacking
  7. Some bending will be required
  8. Possible contact with large amounts of dust
  9. Pinch points are present
  10. Pallet jack operation will be required


To apply for this job email your details to FBEACH@CANTONWOOD.COM