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JOB TITLE Farm Equipment Mechanic
REPORTS TO: Operations Manager
This position is responsible for the maintenance of farm vehicles and equipment that includes tractors, combines, tillage equipment, sprayers, planters and others. The job also entails keeping our fleet of semi-trailers in top operation, as well as pickups and other farm vehicles. Experience with diesel engines, hydraulics and general farm equipment is a big plus.
This post requires a problem solver who takes a hands-on roll in assuring equipment is in top working order and is safe and reliable for our operators. The role will require good communication with operators and others to identify equipment problems and provide preventative maintenance to head off breakdowns.
KEY RESPONSIBILITIES • Reports directly to the Farm Operations Manager and coordinates a maintenance schedule and plan for all farm equipment and vehicles. • Performs maintenance jobs as scheduled, providing estimates of the work required, including time and valuation of parts and materials required. • Adequately tests repairs to assure quality of work • Assures safety and security procedures are in place and followed both within our maintenance shop and on any field-based repairs. Helps to creates a 0-Accident culture. • Tracks inventory of parts within the maintenance shop to assure basic materials are on hand for repairs that reduce down time, and communicates clearly and decisively with parts suppliers for good, timely and cost-efficient support. • Keeps records of all repairs, including time in the job and materials used. Reports periodically to the Operations Manager. • Is available for emergency repairs, particularly in Spring planting and Fall Harvest seasons. Is open and eager to provide solutions at critical times in the farm operation. • Collaborates with others to find solutions to equipment and machine problems. • Performs other duties as may be assigned.
2 Farm & Systems Mechanic Rev 1 02/2020

KEY SKILLS REQUIRED • Knowledge and understanding of diesel engines and operations. • Knowledge and understanding of hydraulic systems. • Knowledge and understanding of semi-trucks and general farm equipment. • Good communication and listening skills to identify problems and address them thoroughly. • Strong personal scheduling and time management. • Ability to provide clear reports to management.
QUALIFICATIONS • 2-5 years or more of experience in a maintenance role. • ASE certification is a plus. • Basic computer skills allowing communication and reporting. • Able and open to working extended hours based on seasonal demands.
COMPANY CULTURE • Honest, dedicated and hardworking. • Respectful and compassionate to the needs of others • Thirsty for knowledge and self-improvement, • Passionate for what we do, and enjoy our work • Involved in fostering a Team Environment that promotes achievement and excellence. • Always focused on a Safe Workplace • Practice responsible stewardship and conservation that result in long-term productivity and value creation.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS FOR THE POSITION – Valid driving licensed driver with safe driving record – Capable of lifting materials up to 100 lbs. – Able to be physically “up and down” to perform maintenance tasks.

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