Cedars of Lebanon

Cedars of Lebanon
Lebanon, KY

Position: Housekeepers and Dietary Aides

Housekeepers job duties
* Keep interior and exterior property clean and orderly
* Carry heavy cleaning duties such as cleaning floors, washing walls, cleaning fixtures.
* Notify management of repair needs
* Maintain sidewalks and entryways
* Moves and dust furniture and fixtures
* Maintain restrooms
* Gather and dispose of trash
* Wash and reline waste containers
* Maintain floors and carpets
* Follow procedures for using chemical cleaners.
* Comply with all regulations and corporate custodial guidelines
* Adhere to all environmental, safety and health regulations
* Use hand and power tools such as vacuum cleaners, mops.Position: Dietary Aide

Summary: Assists with the preparation and service food using proper food handling and food safety techniques for residents, as well as employees and special events, that tastes good and is served at the proper temperature and in an attractive manner in accordance with establishment standards. Maintains a clean and safe working environment in accordance with established standards.

Qualifications: Education 10th grade or above desirable

Food Handlers permit if required per state regulations

Experience in foodservice desired.

Essential Functions:
Prepare and/or pre-portions food (such as beverages, salads, desserts, and other items assigned by the supervisor) for regular and therapeutic diets according to the planned menu for meals and snacks, as well as employees and special events, as instructed.
Prepares and/or portions food using proper food handling and food safety techniques according to established policies, procedures, guidelines, and regulations.
Make only authorized changes to the planned menu and records the change according to established policy.
Ensures that food is served in an attractive, appetizing manner.
Ensures that meals and snacks are delivered to designated areas according to establish times schedules.
Ensures that the proper quantity of food is prepared and/or pre-portioned as directed and within established time schedule
Maintains the proper temperature of food during preparation and service. Records temperatures of food according to established procedures.
Serves resident meals/snacks accurately in accordance with the planned menu, the resident’s diet order, and food preferences.
Uses the correct portion control utensils during the preparation, pre-portioning, and service of food
Labels, dates and stores food properly according to established policies
Ensures that refrigerator/freezer temperatures are within the appropriate range. Records temperature on appropriate logs and reports any discrepancies to the supervisor.
Washes dishes, etc. according to established procedures for manual and/or automatic dishwashing.
Records water temperature and/or sanitizer on designated logs. Reports any problems with proper water temperature or sanitizer to the supervisor on designated logs. Reports any problems with proper water temperature or sanitizer to the supervisor in a timely manner.
Keeps work area clean and uncluttered during preparation and service of food.
Performs cleaning assignments according to established policies and utilize the proper cleaning chemicals.
perform duties using proper infection control techniques and using protective equipment as needed.
Ensures that dishes , etc. are readily available for the next meal. Stores dishes, etc. in proper location in a way to prevent contamination.
Assists in receiving, storing, and verifying invoices for incoming food, supplies, etc. as indicated by the supervisor
Ensure that an adequate supply of food, supplies, etc. is available at all times. Reports inadequate stock levels to the supervisor in a timely manner.
Uses food and supplies and equipment in an efficient and economic manner to prevent waste.
Maintains the security of the department.
Performs all duties using proper safety techniques
Operates equipment according to manufacturer and supervisory direction. Maintains equipment in clean and safe operating condition. Reports all equipment problems to supervisor promptly .
Completes tasks according to established time schedules
Makes recommendations to the supervisor regarding improvements in recipes, meus, production and service of food, equipment, etc. enhance the quality of the food service.
Works cooperatively as a team member with co-workers in all departments of the Nursing Center.

Job details

* Healthcare

Job recruitment information

* How to apply
Send resume to tgribbins@villageoflebanon.com or Apply at the Lebanon/Marion County Career Center, 516 Workshop Lane, Lebanon, KY

Call Career Center (270) 692-6870


To apply for this job please visit villageoflebanon.com.