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Central Kentucky Community Action Council Head Start/Early Head Start Director

Job Description


The Head Start/Early Head Start Director ensures that the mission and vision of the Central Kentucky Head Start early childhood education program and related services are communicated and translated into daily operations.

  2. Central Kentucky Head Start program continues to be viable and productive entity.
  3. Effectively leads by exemplifying the vision and the mission of the program.
  4. Positions program for continued success and exploiting opportunities.
  5. Empowers staff to take informed and appropriate risks in the progression of the agency and fulfillment of Grantor and contractual obligations.
  6. Proactive in financial development and growth ensuring it meets the vision of the program.
  7. Develops, implements, and monitors the implementation of the programmatic strategic plan.
  8. Ensures the program operates in a legal, ethical manner, and in accordance with the program and agency mission and all applicable laws and regulations.
  9. Creates a balance within the program between stability and the need to grow.
  10. Promotes the integrity of the interrelated services throughout the designated area.
  11. Collects, analyzes, organizes and reports accurate information to the appropriate staff or entity.
  12. The community-at-large is aware of the positive outcomes of the early childhood education program.
  13. Ensures effective communication and marketing plan through a variety of media opportunities.
  14. Establishes collaborations and fosters a positive image through interaction with community stakeholders and organizations.
  15. The Board of Directors and Head Start Policy Council operate as informed governing bodies.
  16. Ensures the Policy Council receives unbiased information necessary to make an    informed decision.
  17. Provides the Board of Directors with unbiased information necessary to make an informed decision.
  18. Infrastructure of the early childhood education program functions effectively.
  19. Develops, amends and implements policy as it relates to the early childhood education program, as appropriate.
  20. Creates and implements an organizational system to ensure effective and efficient results.
  21. Works with Human Resource Manager to ensure agency and program policies are aligned.
  22. Provides for an up-to-date information technology system that meets the changing needs of program.
  23. Determines resource allocation of program funding, assets, and staff.
  24. Staff relationships are conducive to a positive and productive work environment.
  25. The early childhood education program is fiscally viable.
  26. Program services comply with Head Start Performance Standards and applicable state, federal and local laws and regulations.


  1. Positive relationships are developed with staff, parents, children, and community.
  2. Builds relationships based on mutual trust and rapport.
  3. All issues are approached with a win-win attitude that respects the dignity of all parties.
  4. Actions and statements of staff, as a representative of the agency, promote and progress the agency mission.
  5. Conveys a clear understanding of the organization’s vision.
  6. Demonstrates agency and program values in job performance.
  7. Staff has a general knowledge of roles and responsibilities of other positions      within the program.
  8. Professional knowledge, skills, and attitudes are enhanced by the utilization of    opportunities and resources available.
  9. Confidentiality will be maintained in accordance with agency policy and according to federal, state and local regulations.
  10. Responsibilities are carried out to a successful completion.
  11. Meets schedules and deadlines and performs routine tasks with minimal supervision.
  12. Possesses and maintains the necessary skill level in technology systems and software required to perform individual job duties.
  13. Desired results are achieved with children, parents, staff and community by effectively using all forms of communication.
  14. Demonstrates the knowledge of and the ability to effectively use communications tools.  (i.e. telephone system, e-mail, fax, etc.)
  15. Demonstrates effective, respectful oral and written communication skills with staff, parents, children and community.

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in business administration, management, early childhood education or a related field.  A minimum of 5yrs experience in fiscal and/or program management with staff supervision experience is required.

For more information, contact Executive Director Hal Goode at 270-692-2136 ext 101.


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