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TITLE:   Watchman

Apply by sending resume to

Hours: 6am to 6 pm and holidays as needed.


  1. General knowledge of the duties and responsibilities.
  2. Ability to think and act quickly in emergencies.
  3.  Flexibility and Willingness to work nights, holidays, and cover during other watchman vacations.
  4. Integrity
  5. Reliability


REPORTS TO:  Plant Manager



  1. Walk from building to building at hourly intervals to check for hazards.
  2. Punch watchman’s clock at regular intervals.
  3. Cleaning shop floor is required on some shifts.
  1. Blowing the shop floor and machines with air house to eliminate dust and debris.
  2. Cleaning restrooms, break area and empty trash cans.
  1.  Hourly check of machinery to ensure proper operation.
  2. May be required to use a fire extinguisher in event fire erupts.
  3. Check windows and entrances to buildings to ensure they are secured.
  4. Deter admittance of unauthorized persons to the premises.
  5. Investigates unusual conditions or disturbances.
  6. 12-hour shifts.
  7. Required to work every holiday that falls within assigned shift.
  8. No visitors are allowed on Company property unless approved by Mgt.
  9. Notifies police, fire department, or other appropriate authority of any situation requiring immediate of prompt attention.

NOTE:  Satisfactory completion of a background check will be required.


To apply for this job email your details to FBEACH@CANTONWOOD.COM