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The Marion House Adult Health Services/ Hours: 6:55 AM to 3:25 PM 

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Activities Director
ACCOUNTABLE TO:  Program Director

Apply by sending resume to or apply at The Marion House, 135 East Martin Luther King Avenue, Lebanon, KY
Call (270) 692-3811

 General—At least twenty-one years of age; in good health, including freedom from communicable diseases, including tuberculosis in the communicable form, according to acceptable screening methods.

Education/Experience—Recreational Therapist, college or high school graduate with the ability to provide a wide range of therapeutic activities; previous experience in geriatric care preferred.

Abilities—In addition to the responsibilities detailed in this job description, the Activities Director must be able to:

  1. Be responsible for the supervision of activities staff;
  2. Understand the needs of the elderly and, in particular, the needs of those affected by cognitive impairments;
  3. Be sensitive to the needs of family caregivers;
  4. Demonstrate good communication skills;
  5. Be available to work unscheduled days and hours;
  6. Make a commitment to cooperative performance to attain care, organization and program objectives that may entail performing duties not included in this job description.

RESPONSIBILITIES:  The Activities Director is responsible for the planning and implementation of all program activities; supervising activity program aides and directing the center volunteer program.

Responsibilities regarding the planning and implementation of all program activities include:

  1. Ongoing assessment of the activities needs of participants and development of the activities portion of the participant care plan upon admission and evaluation of same with progress note at regular intervals;
  2. Planning of activities that emphasize the individual participant’s abilities and contribute to his/her sense of competence and accomplishment;
  3. Planning a monthly program of activities to include:
  4. Reality orientation;
  5. Daily exercise to music;
  6. Active team games;
  7. Cognitively stimulating activities;
  8. Deliberately quieting/sedentary activities (e.g. table games);
  9. Arts & Crafts;
  10. Community entertainment;
  11. Pet therapy;
  12. Intergenerational programming;
  13. Motivational therapy;
  14. Reminiscent therapy;
  15. Horticultural therapy;
  16. Music therapy;
  17. Socially stimulating activities (e.g. parties & holiday celebrations);
  18. Life skill activities (cooking, workshops, etc.);
  19. Sensory stimulation;
  20. Opportunities for religious programs;
  21. Group outings.
  22. Posting the above activities schedule in a visible place;
  23. Coordinating the activity schedule with program staff;
  24. Developing the activity schedule in a flow pattern that ranges from stimulating activities to deliberately quieting activities;
  25. Assisting in the development of policies and procedures related to activity programming;
  26. Participating in the quality assurance for activities.

Responsibilities regarding the supervision of program aides include:

  1. Participation in orientation, on the job training and performance evaluation of activity program aides;
  2. Preparing daily assignment for program aides;
  3. Supervision of program aides when they are assisting with the daily activity schedule.

Responsibilities regarding the Volunteer Program include:

  1. Recruiting and placing program volunteers;
  2. Orientation of volunteers;
  3. Supervision of volunteers assisting in the activities program;
  4. Planning and implementing annual volunteer appreciation event.

To apply for this job email your details to